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Silver cuff-link USB memory card open on a light gray table.
Silver cuff-link USB memory card open on a light gray table in front of a computer.

8GB USB Memory Stick Cufflink

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Take It Everywhere!

Whether you're pitching a new idea to the board, or just dressed up for the evening, you'll always have your presentations there for when the time comes. The small size of a typical USB drive is convenient, but can be easy to lose. By attaching it directly to yourself through your cuff-link, you can eliminate the potential risk of your personal files being stolen, or lost! 



Plenty Of Storage!

With 8GB of memory, you can take your most important files with you, and ensure they make it safely to your destination! Stop checking your pockets constantly, and join the future of functional accessories! 



The Perfect Gentlemen's Accessory!

If you're someone who appreciates luxury, or loves high-class events, this USB drive is perfect for you. Use it to store pictures, videos, music, presentations, projects, and more!






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